DeathSpank Wiki

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Orque Impostor 10 Gp[]

Orque Impostor Convince an Orque Guard you are an Orque

Death of a Penguin 15 Gp[]

Death of a Penguin Kill the Evil Nun

Primp V.I.P. 10 Gp[]

Primp V.I.P See all 20 of Madame Primp's Outfits

Well Educated 10 Gp[]

Well Educated Get an Engineering Degree

Raise Your Mast 10 Gp[]

Raise Your Mast Go Sailing in a Pirate Ship

Konichiwa 10 Gp[]

Konichiwa Learn to Speak Japanese

Dispenser of Justice 25 Gp[]

Dispenser of Justice Kill 3000 Enemies

A True Hero 30 Gp[]

A True Hero Reach Level 20

Mystic Transport 15 Gp[]

Mystic Transport Discover all 44 Teleporting Outhouses

Ruin Christmas 20 Gp[]

Ruin Christmas Kill Santa Claus

A Tale of Two Endings 25 Gp[]

A Tale of Two Endings Watch Both Game Endings

Frozen Justice Gold trophy[]

Kill the Taking Tree. You must purchase the Frozen Dungeon add-on to receive this trophy.