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Annie the Orphan is a minor recurring character in the DeathSpank games. She is a spoiled brat who demands items. Later in the first game she becomes DeathSpank's adopted "daughter".

DeathSpank: Orphans of Justice[]

Annie was held captive inside the Demon Cave east of Pluckmuckel. However, even the demons couldn't put up with her bratty attitude. After DeathSpank killed the Nanny Demon (who had wanted DeathSpank to kill him to avoid being embarresed by the other demons), he tried to get her into the Orphan Bag, however Annie refused to go until she got what she wanted. After getting a Red Lollipop, a Cell Phone, and a Pony from Nozzleford's General Store, she states that she always wanted a father more then anything else. DeathSpank decides to "adopt" her and after a day of parenting, the orphan finally got into the bag. She was later returned with all the other missing orphans back to Puckmuckel.

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue[]

Annie reappears inside Wortten's Factory, where she has been forced to cook people for Wortten. She helps DeathSpank (now calling him "Daddy DeathSpank") during the cook-off by getting him the ingredients for his dish to serve to the judges.