DeathSpank Wiki

The main villian of The Baconing . The Anti-Spank is the result of DeathSpank wearing all thongs of Virtue at once.

He is a giant robot the size of buildings in Spanktopia, commander of an army of evil cyber-orques and the creepeist robot you'll ever see.

In order to defeat the Anti-Spank, DeathSpank must destroy the Thongs of Virtue in the legendary Bacon Fires, the location of the Thongs creation. Each Fire however, is located in a different part of the world and each is blocked, protected and or sealed off by some means.



  • Besides having a similar name than DeathSpank, they also to look very similiar....coincidence?
  • Another fun fact about the Anti-Spank is that he has a striking resemblence to Galactus
  • He is a robot