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DeathSpank is the main protagonist of the DeathSpank series.

Charming, intelligent, enigmatic: These are just a few words that nobody ever uses when describing DeathSpank. He is a force of nature. A man of action. He is likely to shoot before he even knows there’s a question to ask.

For uncounted years the wanderer DeathSpank has been a Dispenser of Justice, a Vanquisher of Evil, and a Hero to the Downtrodden. Throughout his adventures DeathSpank has searched for a powerful artifact called… The Artifact. In his travels DeathSpank has brought justice to the downtrodden, faced the riddle of bacon and defeated evils so horrible they would put hair on the hairs on your chest.

DeathSpank doesnt have class skills (see Hero Cards) in the traditional sense; this means if you want to do more damage all you need to do is get a stronger sword, or if you want to do more ranged damage just get a better ranged weapon. This also means that the player can decide how they want to play. Choosing your own weapons instead of investing in skills allows for an easier flow of strategy in battles; if you get bored of one weapon you can try something different.

When DeathSpank dies he will respawn at the nearest Outhouse. The only penalty for this is you will drop a lot of your money, which can be picked up later if the player is quick enough.

Fun Fact: Though DeathSpank looks bald due to his skin-tight mask, he does have hair, as shown in the battle with "Ze Commandorque" in "DeathSpank: Thongs of virtue". The head wear discription of the "Junglekiller Headwear" says: "Some people believe this is not my hair. They're wrong"

He wields the Thong of Justice. After defeating the last Thonglord he put on all of the Thongs of Virtue thereby creating the Antispank and is forced to destroy all but the Thong of Justice.

He was crowned God of Orphans (yes all Orphans, even the ugly ones).