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Lord Von Prong

Lord Von Prong is the Evil Lord of the land and suspiciously sole survivor of the powerful Von Prong family. Wants DeathSpank dead and his Thong alive. Lord Von Prong is hiding a secret and it’s not his Aunt May’s cranberry pie recipe, if you know what I mean.

It is later reavealed that all of the other members of the Von Prong family died in various ship wrecks, which were all likely set up by Von Prong. Though Von Prong recounted that all of these wrecks were "tragic day-to-day accidents."

At the of Deathspank: Orphans of Justice, Lord Von Prong is shown to posses a thong not unlike the one Deathspank has. Judging by the trailer of Thongs of Virtue the thong Lord Von Prong wears is likely the Thong of Courage. It is likely that Lord Von Prong wanted DeathSpank's thong to not only make his enemy powerless, but to enhance his own power as well. If he had continued on this path, he might have acquired all of the Thongs, which would have created the Anti-Von Prong. Good thing that didn't happen.

Lord Von Prong has command of all of the Orques in the first world of DeathSpank, and perhaps had some range of power outside in Thongs of Virtue. Individually, he is one of the most powerful ThongLords, other than Deathspank and Santa Claus. It takes considerably more effort to defeat Von Prong than any other enemy, except for the AntiSpank. In Thongs of Virtue, it is revealed that Lord Von Prong did indeed have an (illegitamite) son named Steve, who is similar to his father in both his skill, and that he rides a miniature unicorn.

Have note that Lord Von Prong can only be defeated by the Prongenator 3000.