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Steve Von Prong (called Steve Greedy in Hothead's description of the series) is a playable character for the second player in DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue.


Steve is the illegitimate love child of Lord Von Prong. He was abandoned shortly after

birth and was adopted and raised by multi-level marketing ninjas. Steve is a ninja master and apparently a thief. Despite this, he is an ally to DeathSpank, unlike his corrupted father.

Ironically, despite being illegitimate and abandoned, his birthday seems to be considered a major holiday known as "Steve" and is apparently celebrated in the same vein as Christmas.


  • A (360) / X (PS3): Steve hacks his enemy with his sword.
  • B (360) / O (PS3): Steve spins around, throwing shurikens in all directions.
  • X (360) / Square (PS3): Steve uses a grappling hook to drag his opponent closer to him.
  • Y (360) / Triangle (PS3): Steve creates a rainbow that can heal him and DeathSpank for a few seconds.
  • LB (360) / R1 (PS3): Steve sings his own name, which appears above him.


Like his father, Steve rides a very small, yet agile horse (although Steve rides a Unicorn). He also apparently has a great singing voice like his father (evident when he shouts his name).


  • On his Hero Card, he resembles Stan, a character from the Monkey Island games (also created by Ron Gilbert).
  • In the original concept (when DeathSpank started out as an episodic game series), Steve was part of a group called the Tripe Gang: This consisted of Hacknord, Axle, Impaler, and Steve.