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Tankko the Warrior is half man and half spider. You can unlock him by purchasing the "Tankko the Warrior" add-on on the PSN or Xbox Arcade store on PS3 and Xbox 360. He is able to slash with his spiky claws, shoot a sticky web at enemies, create a small circle of poison around him, and summon several mini-Tankkos to help fight enemies. Tankko can also heal by shooting an enemy with his sticky web, and while they are trapped in the web, you attack them with you claws to leech the life out of them.

Ability list[]

  • Y (360) / Triangle (PS3) - Summon mini-Tankkos to aid in vanquishing evil.
  • B (360) / O (PS3) - Create a small circle of poison that will slowly do damage to your enemies.
  • X (360) / Square (PS3) - Shoot sticky web at an enemy to prevent them from moving and attacking.( Does not work on all enemies.)
  • A (360) / X (PS3) - Swing your claws at your enemies to deal moderate damage. If done on an enemy stuck in a web, you will instantly leech you're enemies life, killing them and healing you.