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The Baconing is the 3rd installment in the DeathSpank series.


After defeating the ThongLords and obtaining all the Thongs of Virtue , DeathSpank decides to wear all six thongs at once in order to serve justice and to learn how to cook.

Eventually, after vanquishing too much evil and dispensing too much justice DeathSpank becomes extremely bored in his new home, Spanktopia. After wishing for a new challenge to worthy of his might, Spanktopia falls underattack by a giant evil robot called, The Anti-Spank . Turns out wearing all the Thongs at once created this evil versions of DeathsSpank...Who knew?

In order to defeat the evil Anti-Spank and his army of cyber-orques DeathSpank must destroy all the Thongs by throwing them into the Bacon Fires (a.k.a. Porcine Flame) in which they were created. Each Bacon Fire located in a different part of the world, DeathSpank must traverse across various lands, encounter crazy characters and sail across a sea of garbage to complete his quest.



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