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Official hints:

1. You can find some of Lord Von Prong's Hair inside the "Lord Von Prong Museum" south of his Castle.

2. When the Timekeeper rings his Bell for lunch, Ick and Badger will leave the Museum unguarded.

3. You'll need to play the right song on the Phonograph inside the Museum to shatter the Timekeeper's Hourglass.

4. Talk to the Timekeeper to lean which song shatters his Hourglass. the song you need to play is selected at random.

There's two pieces of information you need to finish this quest:

  • You need to talk to the Timekeeper to learn which song caused the last hourglass to shatter. This is selected randomly from a list each playthrough.
  • You need to talk to Ick and Badger to learn when lunchtime is, by asking them when they're "getting out of this dump". Again, this is randomly-selected from a list.

Armed with this information, go inside the Museum, (if you aren't already there) and use the Phonograph until the correct song plays. You can hear the sound of the Hourglass shatter outside. Go outside and talk to the Timekeeper, who will ask you what time it is. Whatever Ick and Badger told you was lunchtime, this is what you need to tell to the Timekeeper. If you pick the right option, he will ring the lunch bell, causing Ick and Badger to leave the museum unprotected and allowing you to pilfer the wig unimpeded.

It is suggested that you exhaust the whole dialogue tree with Ick and Badger, as their history with DeathSpank leads to some amusing conversations.