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The Fires of Bacon (a.k.a. Porcilin Flame) are the origin place of the Thongs of Virtue.

Created by Sandy Bravitor's Grandfather long ago. There were supposed to be 9 Thongs in all, but due to upper management only 6 were created using the Fires of Bacon.

Each Thong was created from one Bacon Fire across the world.

The Baconing[]

In order to destroy the Thongs, DeathSpank must throw the thongs into the Bacon Fire in order to weaken the Anti-Spank. In each part of the World there is one Fire Pit with which


DeathSpank uses. In order to get to these Fires, DeathSpank must help the downtrodden, serve justice and pick a nasty wedgy.There are a total of 5 pits, if you couldn't count.

Bacon Fire Locations[]