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Pluckmuckel is a small town filled with people and Stoopid chickens, and has a problem with some Missing Orphans.

Here you can buy weapons and armor at Luc the Weapon Vendor, few potions, accessories and quest related items at Nozzleford the Merchant in Nozzleford's General Store, there is big selection of potions at Bong in Bong's Potion Shop. You can also buy food at Juan the Food Vendor, which is located right behind the town).

Storage Chest and Lost and Found box is also located near the town center.

Pixie Bush grow here.


  • Pluckmuckel Taqueria

Tina the Taco Vendor

  • Eubricks blacksmith

Eubrick the Retired

  • Nozzleford's General Store

Nozzleford the Merchant